Get On The Right Platform

What’s a platform? Good question. Also one that will save you a lot of money. A platform is the hardware and software that your website sits on.Here’s what you need to know;

#1 Your website needs to grow and evolve with your business

If your platform cannot, you will need to pay to have it moved to one that can.

  • Keywords to look for #Scalability #Felxibility #Plugins #Integration with Social Media (ie Facebook instagram etc)

#2 Mobile Ready

Means that your website displays well on phones and tablets. VERY IMPORTANT: Google uses this as part of it’s site ranking criteria so if your website is not mobile ready it will be difficult getting up the list. Don’t pay for this – how would you feel buying a car if the tyres were sold as an optional premium feature?

  • Keywords to look for #Responsive Design #AMP (accelerated mobile page)

#3 Avoid Platform Lock-in

When you want to go do your own thing, how easy is it to take your site with you? It should be straight forward.

  • Keywords to look for #Easy Migration

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